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UNI-RACING – TTag Motorcycle Club

ttag uniracing

” Chris Donovan, (Gumboots) – piloting the TTAG uni-motorcycle. “

In the world of Drag Racing, there are two extremes: At the one end is the National Hot Rod Association, where finely tuned, computer-generated dragsters, costing hundreds-of-thousands of dollars and developing thousands of horsepower, are fired down quarter-mile-long, asphalt strips from a standing stop to speeds in excess of 300 miles per hour in less than five seconds.

At the other end of the drag racing spectrum is the American National Uni-motorcyclists Society (A.N.U.S.) and the sport of Unimotorcycle Drag Racing, where an individual riding aboard a device with a single wheel, usually built in a garage and costing hundreds-of-dollars, is fired down a 100 foot dirt strip from a standing stop to speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour in under 2.5 seconds without the benefit of steering or brakes.

Known as the “Motorsport of the Common Man,” it was invented in 1988 by biker visionary, Sidecar Willy, as an affordable motor sport. “This is basically a junkyard sport,” said Willy. “People root around in junkyards and garages, and use old parts and good old American ingenuity to build something that will go 100 feet on one wheel without killing them in the process.”

In fact, a junkyard sport is exactly what Sidecar Willie had in mind when he first came up with the idea for unimotorcycle drag racing. And to keep it that way, he developed the Ten Commandments. ( See the ‘Ten Commandments’ listed below )

“One of our commandments requires that all power plants must be at least five-years-old,” says Willie. “So you have to be creative. You can’t just go out there with a lot of money and buy the ultimate technology.”

Although the sport started in the United States, it spread to Canada and Europe. American records are set during Bikeweek and Biketo-berfest in Daytona Beach, FL and recorded by A.N.U.S. The future of unimotorcycle drag racing appears bright, but no one associated with the organization seems interested in seeing it turn into a big-time sport.

“We love this sport the way it is, and we don’t want to see big money run away with it,” says Willie, who now gives the organization his full-time attention. “We set this up so it wouldn’t get away from the grass-roots and junkyard concept. As long as we can keep it the type of thing, where people race for the love of it, for the competition rather than for the money, we’re going to do just that.”

Currently the A class record in the United States is held by Sidecar Willy, with a run of 2.88 seconds on his 900cc Beast “Bad Puppy.” At 57-years-old, Willy is at the top of his game, usually feeding the competition a dirt hoagie for the full 100 foot run. “Nothing would make me prouder than representing the United States at the European Races.” Willy said. “I only hope I can find a sponsor to get me and my beast there so that I can show the English, Welsh, German and Swiss teams that the Americans are the baddest people on one wheel.”


trevor on his 1000cc

” Trev from Southland DIGAF on his 1100cc “

Uni-motorcycle’s Ten Commandments of A.N.U.S. :

       1. Thou shalt only race from a standing stop to the end of a 100-foot strip, which is constructed of an unpaved surface. Winner having the fastest time.

       2. Thou shalt only use one wheel.

       3. Thou shalt only use a power plant that is over five-years-old.

       4. Thou shalt only use a power plant that is stock for whatever its intended use was.

       5 . Thou shalt not exceed the size limit of four feet in width, or eight feet in length.

       6. Thou shalt compete in any of these classes:

                                                                                   #  A-Class:  750cc to unlimited
                                                                                   #  B-Class: – 400cc to 749cc
                                                                                   #  C-Class: – 200cc to 399cc
                                                                                   #  D-Class: – Occ to 199cc
                                                                                   #  E-Class: – Electric
                                                                                   #  F-Class: – Rocket Class (strictly exhibition)

       7. Thou shalt employ a “Deadman’s Switch,” which will render the beast inoperable in the event that the pilot is launched.

       8. Thou shalt consider steering and brakes optional.

       9. Thou shalt not touch the ground forward of the axle during any run.

      10. Thou shalt touch the ground only rear of the axle during any run, but may not exceed size limitations.