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November (Part 2) – Newsletter 2017

13 Nov 2017

November (Part 2) – Newsletter 2017

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This Months President’s Report: – 

Hi Everyone,

With the good weather we’re having hope everyone is getting out riding.  With the warmer weather more bikes are on the road. 

Tash and I had a meeting with the Timaru council , police and the health department last week about our rally and liquor licence. The meeting went well with both asking a lot of questions. 

Our Rally liquer licence has been granted but we must be more judicious in the management of the bar.  Bar staff MUST NOT  be drinking behind the bar, only four cans to be served at once and they MUST all be opened.  Bar staff MUST ask to see I.D. Of youngish looking patrons.

Thanks to all the members who turned out last Saturday morning to move all the Rally firewood on site, especially Shawn Allen who bought along a tip truck which certainly sped things up.  Bernie and Rowdy also fixed the concrete fire pad up, well done all.

–  Shayne


Club News: –

See The Rally Roster attached I would advise members to write their own duties on a pocket card so as not to be late.  Nothing pisses members off than having to work two shifts on end because someone doesn’t turn up for their duty on time or at all.  Yes it happens.

There will be signage at the gate to advise rally goers there is no B.Y.O.  And although we will not be searching for it gate, staff should police blattant attempts to bring there own booze in in full view.

The club has quite a lot of sausages, mince and other goodies left over from Glo’s poker run. This will be available to our hard working members at our Rally until it runs out.

It was good to see a good turn out on our last club ride to Hinds, with 18 bikes some with pillions.  Shows what good weather can do.

No ride this month as we will be fully occupied with our Rally, see roster attached.

Mark your calendar for our Xmas Party, this will be held on the 9th December at the Winchester Show Grounds and kicks off at around 4 pm.

Flyers also attached for the ” Pyke River” memorial run 18th November and The Long Drop Rally at Duntroon 1st – 3rd December.

Our recently rejoined members Bill and Judy Hessell have been having a few health issues, we wish you a speedy recovery and hope you are able to ride with us soon.

Guys and Gals, the weather is great, if you are going for a day ride anywhere and you would like some company flick me an email and I will pass it on to the membership, ride with friends.

A reminder on staggered riding people, it is up to the leader of any group to choose his line generally the line of the right hand car wheels near the white line. The leader should stick to his line as if he weaves side to side everyone behind him continually has to adjust their line.  Any rider can only be responsible for not following the on the same line as the rider in front of him, it is the responsibility of those behind him to do the same.  You should have a 3 second gap between you and the rider on your line ahead of you.

Hope that made some sense, I wrote this from having memories of my ride around the USA where the tour leader sort of rode in the middle of the lane a little bit to the left then a little bit to the right which caused everybody to constantly have to change their line, sometimes I was so disgusted/ frustrated I just pulled over and gave everybody a few of miles start so I could enjoy the ride more.

– Kerry


Flyers: – 


This Months Photo’s: 

 ” Bill on His new Harley Davidson “

” Nice touch wearing the slippers I thought. Hope you are able to get out riding soon Bill. “


   You can download the full November newsletter as a PDF by clicking on the link below: –

TTAG Newsletter November part 2 2017

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