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March Newsletter 2015

2 Jun 2015

March Newsletter 2015

You can download the full Newsletter as a PDF

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Presidents report

Hi TTAG Members

It has been a great summer for riding and rallies, hope you’ve been getting your share and riding as well.           I hear Grant Palmer has had a nasty experience with a tin top doing a u turn in front of him. Hope your bruises are healing well and your anger has subsided Grant. We also hear that Dale has had a brush with the revenue collectors and is without his bike for 28 days and without a licence for even longer.

March Hare will have come and gone by the time you receive this new letter, hope those who attended had a good time.

Phil has invited all club members to his 50th birthday party on Saturday the 14th of March, 518 Methven Road, Ashburton. Plenty of tent or caravan spots. He doesn’t mind if you arrive Friday or Saturday, looks like an all weekender.

Thanks Phil.

The club will be having a monthly ride and meeting on the 22nd of March, leaving the Empire Hotel 12.00 am. Going all the way to Cave.

Our AGM will be held on the 3rd of May at the Empire Hotel at 1.00 pm. I hope you can all attend. Subs to be paid on the day.

The Staging Post run will be the weekend of the 16th and 17th March.

Our Xmas party will be on the 20th of June.

The Brass Monkey This year is the 30th of May -1st of June.



 Woodstock Rally 2015

Fabulous weather encouraged us to ride on the Friday over the Alps. Rowdy and I waited for Kerry O out at Geraldine, non stop to Springfield where we refuelled both the bikes and ourselves. Lots of bikes on the road and surprisingly Jackson’s pub was reopened at some point and well attended by fellow bikers. Quick stop at Arthurs Pass then welcomed the sea breeze as we hit the west coast. Grabbed a bag of ice and on out to the rally site where we were welcomed by friends from TTAG. Thanks guys for keeping us a good area to pitch our tents – Hilton, Keith, Gumboots, Footsie and Diane. When Bernie arrived the air bed appeared to need a bung to stay up! That’s what a good mate will do – give you his mattress! Warm weather, cool beer, good music and such delightful company _ what more could you want? Well…….. a fabulous couple asked us out to Ross for a champagne break-fast on Saturday morning and say no more. Such an amazing time was had by all. The food was superb and I think we drank Brian and Sandra out of champers and gallons of water. We stayed there for many hours. Lots of delightful babble along with the bubbly, and the men displayed bare bellies which were captured in the camera. Thank you Brian and Sandra, you are wonderful hosts. Back to camp and met up with Jim from Blenheim minus Colin who had a story of his own to tell! Another great day and night and with reluctance we rode home uneventfully on the Sunday.

Magic weekend with great memories

Cheers Lizzie


TTAG’s Ant P’s Racing Update

To all club Members.

First of all i would like to thank the club for backing and supporting me again in my Racing this year, I’m sorry for the long delay in keeping you all Informed of my Racing.                                                                                       This year I Entered the New Zealand National Super Bike Championships that were held at Levels in Janu-ary, as this was my Goal right through of last year, I put my entry in about the middle of December and new it was going to be a Huge event with the best Riders in the Country riding in all Classes, I had my Doubts about racing in this event but I was out there to learn and if you can’t Gauge yourself against the best how are you to learn? So I was looking forward to riding with the best, then just before Xmas I injured my knee helping a mate shift a freezer and putting on to trailer, I was not happy as I had paid $300 to enter the Nationals.

But anyway got up to the lakes had great time and trying not to think too much about the big event, but then a real bomb hit when we found out that Huia had passed away, my world had crashed down on me and wondered if I could race anymore and asked myself as I was still dealing with losing Swordie

With racing you can’t have any Distractions and full of focus because when things go bad they go bad quick. Viv and I had a real good talk and also talked to a few mates and decided to still race in Nationals and do it for T.T.A.G and do it for Sword and Huia.

So on the Thursday of the big weekend went out and set up camp at levels as wanted to soak up the whole weekend I got 2 bits of tape and put them on each side of the bike and put Swords name on 1 side and Huia’s name on the other side and that’s where they will stay so I can take them racing with me when ever I go racing.

So anyway I got up Friday morning ready for Practise as racing didn’t start until Saturday, we had our 1st Practise but found out that these guys are quick real quick and half my size, the day was real hot 35 degrees and I’m in my leathers melting but real happy with my Practise session and looking forward to my 1st race in the National Champs.

Saturday Morning got up early cause I didn’t Bloody sleep thinking about the race, got the bike ready and didn’t take time before it my time to head out, my lap times were between 10 to 14 seconds slower than the rest and new it was going to be a fast race, it was like playing rugby then the next weekend sitting in the changing sheds with the All Blacks waiting to go out to the field to play with them.So went out for my 1st race and by the 3rd corner the rest were gone it was a 8 lap race and I was starting to get lapped in the 6th lap but then a rider cut under me and sent me off the track but was still able to stay on the bike which was good.


I then knew that I was way in to deep to be racing with these guys and that was my weekend over as we had our riders briefing on the Sunday and was told i wasn’t allowed to race as it was a Safety issue, to cut it short, I was to slow. So went back to my pit to pack up and felt real bad as Nevin had come out to see me race so thanks anyway Nevin for coming out mate.

We packed up and the amount of people that came over and gave me a pat on the back for just being out there was amazing, but in the back of my mind whether i was going to carry on with this dream being shot down in a ball of flames.But i said to myself it’s my F……G Dream and no one is going to take it away from me, so I Entered the 4th round of King of Ruapuna in CHCH at the beginning of February and what a great day the bike went well, everything just clicked, I dropped 3 seconds off my last time in practise then dropped another 2 seconds off that time then 1 second off that time and ended up shaving a total of 7 seconds off the last time I was out at Ruapuna which was about 12 months ago so i was real happy. Had some real good battles and learnt so much by doing the Nationals, so I’m looking forward to the racing this year and learning a heap more. I will be more Determined than ever to race harder and go faster. Thank you to all for the support and encouragement, Thank you to the club for your backing and your on going support. I will let you all Know when I’m racing again and pass on the info, I will be racing at Ruapuna on the 29th of this month hope to see some of you there.

Ants # 19

Pounawea Poker Run c/o Liz Watson


Our neighbours enjoyed hearing the bikes roaring down Guinness Street lunchtime Friday. We were accompanied by a very welcome support vehicle with club members Jim, Mary and Max. Bill had left earlier in the day as he wanted plenty of breaks in the travel south and Judy followed in the car. Weather reports somewhat conflicting, however that didn’t deter anyone nor dampen any enthusi-asm. Footsie was filling in time waiting on Rowdy to finish work and with Footsie having a coffee, I decided to clean my bike. I found a hole in the exhaust system caused through friction! Footsie took the offending pipe off, however, time didn’t allow to replace or sort out. Michael offered to take my panniers, thanks mate.

Keith, Michael, Footsie, Dippie, Colin, Bernie, Malx, Rowdy and I took off and first stop was to stop oil leaking onto the rear tyre of Colin’s bike. A very quick soloution to the problem was sorted and we weaved in and out of the traffic to meet up with Jock who was hoping it wasn’t Bernie’s bike that had gone past earlier, as Jock waited about an hour on us at the Maheno Tavern. Janet would have en-joyed the company there as the purple and red hat ladies were celebrating with lovely fruitcake cov-ered in rich, decadent purple icing! Platters of food, a drink and on the road again, heading south to dark clouds. Met up in Balclutha with Bill and Judy and we weaved our way around the corners to the Convention Centre at Pounawea. ….yahoo! Didn’t take us long to sort out our rooms and have a drink with Ivan and Freddie. 3kms to Owaka pub, too far to walk, thanks Judy for the ride. Warmly welcomed by staff who turned on the outside heater for us. Some had a go on the ponies, some on pokies, some ate, some drank. Back to camp, cards on the table, much merriment.

Pounawea 1 Pounawea 2Fabulous sunrise and a two second walk to the beach, tide out, miles out and very few people around. Great photography of the beach happened. Jock flounded around for some cockals & Pippies as a pre dinner appetizer. We eventually made the move to rattle our dags and headed out on the reason why we came, the Poker run. Wow, fantastic ride and scenery to Kaka Point, Balclutha, Clydevale, where we lunched, Clinton and last card was drawn at Rosebank Hotel back in Balclutha.                                                                                    Winner Keith, 2nd Rowdy & 3rd Judy. Congratulations guys!! Team decision to buy food and cook out at the camp. Jock with the bucket holder Footsie, went around the bay and proceeded to be the gatherers for the club. Meanwhile Mary, Max and Judy headed back to the supermarket for a great choice of foods for all. Jock had some seafood for us but alas, no paua this time! Another night of tall tales, laughter and drinks, time to sleep, awaking to damp bikes and pack-ing up. Good memories of a great weekend.

Thanks to all for yet another awesome Poker Run

Cheers Lizzie

Poker Run Pounawea c/o Malc P

Jock had this idea – everyone else thought it was good too. A two night poker run is a new idea and most of us couldn’t even pronounce the place name

Adventure time eight bikes with support left early afternoon, we knew we had the kilometres to cover, but after waving to Dunlop at Oamaru , lunch at Maheno , some motorcycle servicing and getting lost all by myself, it was seven before I got to a lightheaded welcome meeting Ivan and Freddie on site.

The event planning was quite open, so we made it up as we went. Judy ran us to the Owaka pub for tea and meet the locals – both quite palatable: then back to camp to fortify ourselves for the next day.

The next day started with a fine breakfast and Ivan new enough from previous employment to design and lead us around a rural block with stops and cards. First stop was Tunnel Hill where a railway logging track went thru nearly a kilometre of bricked tunnel. Walking done it was back on bikes and over the twisty Clutha roads till we each had five cards, Keith with three aces, Rowdy with three Jacks and Judy with three fours.

Mary and Jim got us to agreement on the dinner menu a supermarket smorgasbord back at camp, so we didn’t have to go anywhere, except for Jock and Footsie to get into the sea for some marine life. Eating was excellent as was the relaxed company, though Saturday night wasn’t a late one. Sunday saw us packed up earlish and well fed again. We all left camp at the same time but seemed to fall into small groups till we ended up at Palmerston for lunch.

Awesome riding, idiot free roads and good company all made this into top quality time away.


Dates To Remember

22nd March Club ride to Cave Leaving Empire Temuka Midday 

29th March Ant Racing at Ruapuna 

April 2nd TTAG Committee meeting Winchester Hotel 7.30 

3rd May Sunday TTAG AGM Empire Hotel Temuka 1pm Afternoon Tea Supplied 

2nd May Jokers Wheels Week Run 11am Leaving from Devon Tavern Victoria St Ashburton Ph Bill Hessell 03 684 9443 if you are interested 

15th 16th May TTAG Staging Post 

30th 31st May Brass Monkey 

20th June TTAG Mid Winter Xmas Party

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