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24th Annual Magpie Madness Rally Date:


“23rd, 24th & 25th November 2018”


 For Rally Enquiries Contact:  Shawn” – 021 646 713,  

Tash” – 027 384 6776 or by E-Mail .


TTAG initiated Unimotorcycle drag racing within New Zealand in 2007:

In the world of Drag Racing, there are two extremes: At the one end is the National Hot Rod Association, where finely tuned, computer-generated dragsters, costing hundreds-of-thousands of dollars and developing thousands of horsepower, are fired down quarter-mile-long, asphalt strips from a standing stop to speeds in excess of 300 miles per hour in less than five seconds.

At the other end of the drag racing spectrum is the the sport of Unimotorcycle drag racing, where an individual riding aboard a device with a single wheel, usually built in a garage and costing hundreds-of-dollars, is fired down a 100 foot dirt strip from a standing stop to speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour in under 2.5 seconds without the benefit of steering or brakes.

Other features of the Rally is the motor mower racing, the club has several mowers and others are invited to bring their mowers and challenge them.

The “SUPERMOWERS” are the top attraction, reaching some pretty awesome speeds.  Burnout’s attracted a few entries with some stunning results until tyres pop and the crowd left looking for fresh air. A professional tyre fitter is on site to replace you good tyre for an “oldy” and visa versa.

Live Entertainment is provided on Friday and Saturday night with a professionally sound and stage operator.  Bands play until the “wee” hours and the bar stays open to make sure you don’t dehydrate.  A Wet-T, Tattoo and Piercing show always attracts plenty to the front of the stage.

Bands performing at this year’s Magpie Rally are:


Friday night:  –  

Saturday night:  –  

” Please Stay Posted For Updates ” 



The rally is situated 25 km’s north of Timaru at the Winchester Domain on State Highway 1, the site offers plenty of space for camping with the added luxury of “flush” toilets.

Hosted by the TTAG Club with a membership of over 70 there is always plenty of security and activities. The club books sunshine for each year, but occasionally someone forgets but the rally goes on rain, snow or hail. Over 1800 bikers on all makes and models attend.

magpie rally directionsThe bike show with 6 classes attracts a large number of entries. A bar enclosure ensures you have a liquid replacement treatment at all times including free tea and coffee.

Meals are also cooked on site by J & P Catering of Temuka and you can always be guaranteed an excellent feed.

Other stalls on site sell, the Magpie Madness T-Shirt, Leather clothing and accessories to cater for your motorcycling                                                                   wants.


  • TTAG Mailing Address:

            –  Timaru, Temuka And Geraldine Motorcycle Touring Club (Inc),

                      P.O. Box 89, Temuka, 7948 – (Postal Code Essential).