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July Newsletter 2015

6 Oct 2015

July Newsletter 2015

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Only nine at committee meeting this week. Flu is keeping a few at home. Friendly banter was going on while we were sorting out the jobs for Sword`s Memorial Run on Saturday. The meeting was closed sharp at 9pm

Wishing Max & Turtle a speedy recovery

Welcome home Shayne and Vickie

Thank you to everyone who Helped out on Sword`s Memorial Run and the people that attended, also to those who Contributed to the News Letter especially Terence WMC.

Sword 2 Sword

Sword`s Memorial Poker Run

Wow, what an event. It was great from beginning to end! I believe there must have been plenty of input into the ideas for the event as everything was in place. Our females towed the caravans out to the holiday park, whilst our male counterparts took to erecting the gazebo, putting up the trestles and sorting the BBQ at the Empire Hotel, Temuka.  Food was prepared by many prior to Sat and by 11.30 we were very busy taking money and writing names in the poker run book. Nearly 100 motorbikes assembled and shortly after 1 pm we rumbled along the main street of Temuka, led by Rowdy, and cruised along to Alister at the Winch where we drew the 2nd card and refreshed with the odd ale or two. Keeping formation we pulled into Geraldine and took our time chatting and drew the 3rd card. No winners at this stage. Smarter pace winding our way to Pleasant Point where we relaxed, enjoyed a chat, and some of us were lucky enough to win spot prizes, yahoo! Back down the road to Temuka where we were welcomed with fabulous hot soup and choices of meat dishes. The wind chill factor was rising but it didn’t matter as we had been riding in fabulous weather with the sun on our backs! Finally the 5th card was drawn and lo and behold our very own Ants was first, an outsider 2nd and the lovely Jenny was 3rd. The rugby drew in a few more clients and the Southern boys, Highlanders made the day, winning a fantastic game. The band were amazing, Top Shelf form Waimate, each of them was a great musician and the pub rocked. Great singing and we danced the night away! The publican, Ian, was in fine form and also enjoyed our crowd. Thank you to each of you who came, all in all, a jolly awesome night. What a way to remember Sword and other TTAG members who had passed prior to Sword.

Cheers, Lizzie

Mid-Winter Do

Well the 20th of June was looming again which means that it was party for me again, which is always fun. I was both lucky and unlucky that weekend, lucky because I was able to attend the mid-winter party and unlucky because I was meant to be on a fishing trip which was cancelled so it was always going to be a win.

This year Phil and Michelle had offered their place as a venue which we were pleased to accept. The conditions were certainly appropriate for the occasion with snow on the ground which sort of mucked up the idea of a hangi which was the original idea. Phil however had an above ground hangi and hired a roaster which certainly solved that problem. With that and the large garage with heaters in it we were certainly comfortable. The conditions made it hard to tell that we were at a motorbike club event, with everybody except Keith turning up in a tin top, some with a caravan attached. It’s just as well one of us is a hardy soul. We had between 20 and 30 of us there which kind of filled up the available parking as no one was too keen to get far from the shingle.

The start one was always going to be fairly flexible, but more so than usual as I understand it actually started on Friday someone with some folk taking their caravans up and Mary having a birthday what more excuse do you need? I got there early afternoon and was probably about the middle of the arrivals so we got straight down to the job at hand, i.e. shifting the refreshments from where they were into ourselves in an appropriate fashion. The food got prepared by some willing individuals fairly early on in the piece so it was all ready to cook when needed. As usual the food was up to its usual high standard and far too much of it so if anybody went hungry it was their own fault.

Malc Penty brought up his cannons with him and so since, we were in the country, we had to make a hell of a noise to let the neighbours know we were there which we did very successfully and I am sure they knew something was going on although we had no complaints and didn’t put Phil’s animals over the fence so that was all good. I went over to the house with Jock to watch the Highlanders have another win which felt quite good for us Otago boys sitting in Canterbury as there seems to be a sometimes prominent team out of the competition. I enjoyed the rugby banter between Jock and Phil’s daughters which I think if points were awarded the girls would have clearly won. It was then back to the party till bed time.

Come morning we had a leisurely start followed by a good brekky which certainly saved time at lunch time. That was followed by a meeting where Mokai told us of some happenings within the club and we cleaned up the mess and went home. It was once again a very good weekend     with very good company which is of course why we do it. Thank you again Phil and Michelle it was a great place to party and you made us most welcome.


Mid Winter

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