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1 Sep 2014

September Newsletter 2014

magpie mail

You can download the full September newsletter as a PDF,  – TTAG Newsletter September 2014


Presidents Report

Hi TTAG members, Spring has sprung time to dust off your machine and crank her up.
We will be having our monthly ride a week early this month, on Sunday the 14th September, so that it doesn’t clash with the Bronz globe trotter run the following weekend. Meet as usual at the Empire Hotel Temuka 12 am, we will be heading to the Mayfield tavern.

We have received badges for the last Poker Run and The Staging Post, they will be available at the meeting.
I will be ordering badges for those who missed out on getting one from last years Magpie Madness Rally early next week. If you haven’t put your name on the list you will have to be bloody quick and let me know, after all you’ve had a month.

We have a new member as of Thursday nights committee meeting, welcome Charley Solomon-Reke.
The committee has accepted a quote to have our website upgraded and made user friendly. To this end we have voted Jock Winter onto the committee to manage the website. Others will also learn to manage it in Jocks absence. Those of you who are on facebook may have noticed that the TTAG page is seeing a lot more action now that Jock is managing it and placing photo’s of all our events on there.

Jock has also linked us to a couple of other biker websites event calendars, letting more people know about our rally.

See you soon


Ants Racing at Levels

Ants is racing at levels this Saturday 13th September at Levels Raceway.
Everyone is welcome to go out and watch and support him

HAKA Practice

Saturday 20th September 3pm at Bill and Judy Hessell’s place 32 Cook Street Oceanview off Jellicoe Road


  • 13th September Ants Racing at Levels
  • 20th September TTAG Haka Practice Bill & Judy Hessell’s Place 3pm – 32 Cook Street Oceanview Timaru
  • 27th/28th September Bronze Globe Trotter Challenge
  • 2nd October TTAG Committee Meeting Wolsley Hotel 7pm
  • 18th October Aoraki MT Cook Motorcycle Rally
  • 19th October TGHS Wheels Day 10am to 2pm Cain street Timaru
  • 26th October Greymouth Street Races
  • 31st October Mates Mayhem Rally
  • 21st 22nd 23rd November TTAG RALLY
  • 27th to 30th November Burt Munro Rally
  • 6th December Xmas Party

Club Ride – August

I’d missed the chosen destination but met up at the Empire midday sunday. Half a dozen bikes were there already with the same number arriving, same number as the last ride – but we were all lucky! The handle got empty quick and before another we zipped up and got rolling over the Manse Bridge, right at Pleasant Point , then got a couple of revs on. Thoughts were that TTAG Newsletter September 2014.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Prospeedos hadn’t changed cos what I thought was a bit of a clip along was 20 to 30kph faster at the tail. No lack of interest there! First stop was our destination of the Albury Tavern and the place already full of locals. This is pretty cool cos some are friends and oth-ers offer menu advise. Service took a while but that was OK , with the meals arriving pretty shortly after. Wow, great food. Everyone was impressed. All eaten up we moved to the Beer garden for a short for a short meeting. Before I knew it most of the bikes were gone and I was left chasing Ants over the Pareora Gorge. He was a couple of corners ahead and they just wouldn’t close up, though I suspect that he was just cruising. The sun was shining. Malx.

My Adventure,
On the 10th August 2014 I didn’t believe the events that were going to happen, I decided to go for a ride on this awesome Sunday morning with the Mrs, by the way my Steed is 08 Triumph Sprint St 1050, So got the bike and checked it over and we were all good to go so i went to the end of my drive which is on the edge of State Highway 1 I looked south then I looked north and decided to go west ha-ha.

We headed away towards highway 72 which is the back way up past Mayfield and the Rakia Gorge. Awesome bit of road but we were on our way to Methven for beer and some late lunch.

But anyway we headed off from Timaru the roads were a bit cold and it was a bit fresh but enjoying be-ing on my bike, so i was having a ball trying to keep to the speed limit but it wasn.t working enjoying the ride but i had a gut feeling i better slow up a bit cause my Demerits were getting slim. So at that mo-ment i came around this corner and this guy in a BMW was all over the road cutting the corners so i was looking for a place to pass him, i got up close to him and started pointing at him and at that point a cop went past and i thought, crap the cop is going to think im pointing and waving my fist at him. So went carried on didn’t see the cop for a while then 15 minutes later i saw a cop in my mirrors a common sight i must say, so on go the xmas lights and im a bit pissed off he is pulling me over and not this guy that was all over the road but to my surprise he saw me pointing at this fella and said he was let the cops up the road know to keep an eye on him, cheers copper.

So we headed to Methven had a great meal and a pint and decided to head home and still enjoying the ride, I happend to look down at the Ks on my clock and it read 99,999 the moment it clicked over to 100,000 i Stopped and put the bike on the side stand got off the bike and i don’t mind saying i tear in my eye i looked at my bike and thought to myself, what so good times i have had on this bike the Ad-ventures, the laughs, the People i have meet that have become bloody good mates, the Journeys, riding in rain hail and snow and must not forget the speeding tickets. But the real funny thing is i wonder what the people that were driving past in there Steel encased cage on 4 wheels thinking when they saw a Motorcycle parked on the side of the road and Bald guy dressed up in black leathers kissing his bike…… I Don’t really care.

The day i rode my brand new Triumph out of Street and Sport on the 4 of December 2008 i would not of Believed the Adventures that i have had and the good People i have meet, the only down fall is that when they go its so hard to let them go when they pass away. Miss ya Sword.

So if you want to be part of and star in a Action movie, jump on ya bike and enjoy the Adventure and looking forward to the up coming Adventures.
If any needs a hand or a bed for the night flick me a txt, there is always a beer in the fridge or coffee, my cell 0274394660.

TTAG Newsletter September 2014_ants paisleyThat’s my Adventure that happened on that day when I get on my bike its exciting cause of the unknown adventure that’s going happen, I can’t think of doing anything else but riding or racing on the track with my race bike, it is my life and I hold no Regrets

Also I want to thank Phil Garret and the Team that were at Street and Sport at the time for selling me a Awesome bike 5 and half years ago and watering that seed.

Motorcycle Junky,
Ants Paisley

King of Levels Round 3

Hi to all club Members, thought i would give you all a up date on my racing on the 3 round of King of Levels that was held at levels. Got up about 5 on the Saturday morning ready to go racing and I was sure it was about –2 not sure but it was bloody cold and i knew the track was never going to heat up, but I headed out and of course I was the 1st at the gate waiting for the gates to open.

So anyway got to the track and unpacked all the gear and got set up then there was a white coating starting to form on the bike which was frost and it just got colder and colder, but i suppose thats why they call the winter series.

We all went to the riders briefing and was told that the track was cold, its amazing how many people go out on the track and ride like its a warm sunny day and wonder why they come off.
So we were told that we were 1st up on the track, 3 people came off in front of me I think it was be-cause————– you guessed it, the track was cold. I had a good qualifying time of 1.24 which was 4 seconds off my last qualifying time so i was real happy.

My 1st race was not bad, i had a good battle with another person which made good but my best race was the 2nd race when everything just clicked into place, i was able to get my knee down on the track and scuff up my knee sliders and beat the guy that i battled with in race 1.

My 3rd race was not bad but my head was not there because i had a mate try and help me put the bike on the paddock stand but didn’t have it on properly, and i dropped the bike and snapped the brake lever off, but i got it fixed to go and race again.

TTAG Newsletter September 2014 Magpie flyingSo the days racing was and felt different, my riding felt better and faster and a lot smoother also i knew that Sword was there with me because i wanted to dedicate that day to him. I got a new time of 1.21 which was 3 seconds off my last best time so thanks Sword.

The day was real awesome and i had a lot of fun, i want to thank the club for there support and helping me making my dream come true, Also want to thank Jim and Mary, Nevin and Mark and Pam for coming out to the track to support me, cheers guys.

Also i want to say sorry for not turning up to the last wood chop as it was my Grandsons 2nd birthday in ch ch that day. My next race will be at levels on the 13th of September, would be cool to see some more members out at the track watching the Magpie flying.


The Plan At This Stage Is
Day 1 To Catch The Bluebridge Ferry At 8am Get To Wellington About 11,20 And Head To Somewhere About Say Turangi /Taupo (Remembering That It Takes An Hour To Get To Levin.)
Day 2 To Orewa (Which Is About 50km North Of Dorkland City) Distance 320kms Approx
Day 3 To Kaitaia Or Further North Say Whatawhiwhi (Topten Holiday Park)
Day 4 Xxxxx The Cape Xxxxxxx And Back
Day 5 Decide What To Do Next???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Will Be Going To My Sons Place At Warkworth For A Night, Then Depending On What The Weather Is Doing Will Decide For Me Which Way To Come Back
Ferry Cost Is $104 Bike And Rider
Accomadation Is Tricky As There Are So Many Choices And Charges But For 5 People In A Two Bedroom Unit Cost Averages $50/$60 Per Person
Holiday Park//tourist Flats $25/$35 Per Person And $5 For Linen Per Person
Fuel Its 978 Kms From Wgtn To Kaitaia So If You Can Get 17 Kms Per Liter It Will Cost You 51 Litres X 2.20=$112 Each Way If You Use 95 It Will Cost You More About $4
Food . This Cost Will Depend On Wether We Cook In The Unit Or Go Out
I Will Be Allowing For Breakfast $10 Lunch $15 Dinner $30 =$55 Per Day
There Are Always Additional Costs .Im Allowing $40 Per Day
I Expect To Be Away From Home 11/12 Days
I Would Expect My Costs To Average $150 Per Day So Im Saving $ 50 Per Week Giving Me $2100 Plus Ferry Cost
So Far There Are 6 Starters.
All Welcome .
Easter Is Good Friday 3rd April So Sugest That We Go After That.say Wed 11th April
School Holidays Are On From 2nd To 20th April

Wood Chop At Winchester Showgrounds

A good turn out was had for the day and the wood was quickly cut up and a few other jobs were done, As well as things worked out for the rally.

Our chef cooked a great barbecue…

Southern Classic Festival