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8 Jun 2017

June Newsletter 2017

NEws Letter                                                                 ttag logo color


This Months President’s Report: – 

Hi fellow members,

Hope everyone is having a good start to winter.  I heard the staging post was a good couple of days and you all enjoyed it all especially the newer members that hadn’t been before.  I would like to thank Mary for all the work she has done in her role of Treasurer and am sure she will help Liz if needed, and thank you to Tash for updating the web site.  Our rally dates have been put on the web site.

Our mid-winter is coming up on the 17th of June. It will be good to see everyone there.  And to those who went to the brass hope you all had a good ride there and back, looking out the window while writing this it might be a wet trip home.

Next club meeting is on the 25th at Albury tavern leaving the empire at 12:00 a.m.

–  Shayne


Club News: –

 As mentioned by Shayne our Magpie Madness Rally will be held on the 24th -26th of November, mark your calendars now, as we need you all to be there.

For those of you who like to take a winter ride and would like company, let me know in advance so as I can circulate it out to the membership. To the sensable ones stay by the fire.

The Mid Winter party kicks off at 4.00 p.m.  Booze supplied to members, guests should bring their own.  Camp on site or in the old school room.  Dress warmly as this is mostly an outdoor party around the bonfire, unless it’s pissing down.

–  Kerry


This Months Joke: – 

An elderly couple were at home watching TV.  Phil had the remote and was switching back and forth between fishing and porn channel.  Sally became more and more annoyed and finally said –  ” for heaven’s sake Phil, leave it on the porn channel you know how to fish! “


This Months Photo’s: –

” Some of the crew enjoying the Staging Post run “

Stage Post Newlet 1

Stage Post Newlet 2


      You can download the full May newsletter as a PDF by clicking on the link below: –

TTAG Newsletter June 2017

22 May 2017

April Newsletter 2017

NEws Letter                                                              ttag logo color


Monthly Club President’s Report: – 

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a good month. March was a busy :me with all the rally’s going on. Now that Daylight saving has finished its getting dark when coming home from work.

All those who went to Jocks new rally had a good time . The punters were entertained by a couple of members going around on the unicycle with skimpy clothing on.

Don’t forget our AMG is coming up soon. So if you want to go on the commttiee put your hand up. The ride of respect is coming up also on the 23rd of April. Hope the weather gets better for the next few months before it gets too much colder. So if you are out riding have fun.

–  Shayne



–  RIDE OF RESPECT . . . . .  is on the 23rd of April.  Start 10am from Timaru RSA,  Afters 2pm at Tash’s – BYO Salad,            Beers and Meat will be provided by TTAG.  Tash needs a hand to put up marque on Sat 22nd, please and pulled down the    next day ( 0273846776 )

 MAY – TTAG  Club AGM . . . . . will be 7th May @ 1.00 pm at the Empire Hotel, Temuka.

 The Staging Post . . . . . run will be 19th to 21st of May.  This is a TTAG club annual event we hold a little bit North of               Cheviot.

 Mid Winter Christmas Party . . . . . 17th of June


1st Coal Miner`s Rally: –

March Thursday morning lovely liquid sun. I Road into Timaru and waited for Col to arrive. Wets on and of we set. Had a stop at Palmerston, then through Dunedin. Col, gave some drivers a good laugh as he’s rubbing his arse when we were stopped at the lights. Another stop in Milton for Col`s precious arse. Finally at Kai.

Jock was busy working on roster’s lol… bloody computers and 1010 other things. The 3 of us went to Balclutha to get supplies, when we got back Tash and Dippy had arrived, followed by Mike and Freddie. So we were all of to put up marquee’s down at the Rally Site. A few laughs and frustrations trying to put these things up. Back to the Pub to cook some tea then over to Jock`s for refreshment. Mary and Jim arrived to join in. Some of the locals turned up too, Great laughs were had by all.

Friday up early. Tash and I went to the site to put up more tents. Got a text to say `brekkie ready`. On way out the gate my bike decided to have a lie down. I had to get some help to fix a couple of things. (she is in pieces at the moment, while waiting for parts.) Getting things sorted at the rally. The Cops are great by Saturday night, one was calling me `Pet. 1st gate sale was about 12pm. As at any Rally you have so much fun on the gate and the bar. We had some of the young rugby guys come and work with us later in the evening. It was fun winding them up.

Saturday, more fun, people coming and going. Tash, Col and Myself got dressed up to do the Unicycle for 2pm, but the joke was on us when we rocked up and told it was happening at 4pm. So we did the gate and that made quite a few people smile as they came in. We finally got to do the Unicycle. What a lot of fun that was. It was my first time. I nearly went into the river, I pulled the kill switch but I was still moving. Jock yelled..Pull the Clutch. Saved. Quick turn around and of again. After removal of cow poo, back to work, and more fun. We sent the Rugby Boys to watch the Tat and Wet Tee Shirt. Great bands both night.

Sunday we pulled the Rally Site down. We were meant to be staying Sunday night but as the weather was rather wet, we left in the afternoon. I had to stop and wait for Col To catch up, a few time also change sock and gloves it was so wet. It was good to get home to the dry.

Thank you our industrious leader Jock for a fantastic weekend Looking forward to next years Rally.

–  Liz B.


Kelly’s Adventures: – 

Hey all,

So the 2017 half of the motocross season has started up, and myself and dad are in full swing. So the most exci:ng news is that we bought myself a new bike…. A CRF250X, 2011 model, from a farmer down Oamaru way, which I have raced once so far and have been training on. January consisted of a bit of training on the new bike, and a few runs up to the Ashburton track to get used to it. Club days started up in February due to January being full of summer actvites and the high chance of the dust taking over.

February club day was held out the back of Waimate at Pankhurst property, I shat my pants…. Not literally but very figura:vely! I had not ridden the Kx 85 in just over a month, and when I got on it, it was :ny… Anyway the track was over a hill and very very steep. I didn’t make it up the hill in prac:se and knew it just wasn’t my day. The day ended up being called off early, due to the amount of dust, even though the club did their best to keep the dust down with the water tanker.

March consisted of South Island and Aoraki Secondary Schools Championship, held out in a new paddock at Colesys down at Otaio, on the 18 th .  I raced the 250 with the girls and came away with 6 th in the South Island in the ladies 12-19yrs class, I also received 2nd in the Aoraki region (beaten by my best mate).  March club day was held the next day (19 th ) on the same track, and unfortunately no riders stayed round due to the Christchurch TT series on the same day. I raced the 85 to get points, and regret not double classing and racing the 250 also, but I was buggered from SISS.  April the 2 ⁿdnd rolled round quick enough after that and it was time for beach racing.

For my second race in sand I was pretty chuffed with how I went, completing practise and 2 races on the 85 to be able to get points. Practise was raced like usual with the Juniors all together with lots of thrills and spills as everyone was reminded how tough and demanding sand racing was. I had completed a full prac:se lap without falling off and passed those who ate shit, but ended up ea:ng shit myself in my second lap falling off a good 4+ :mes. Race 1 I don’t even remember, but it was shit . . . . . No kidding, I was ready to pack up but soldiered on knowing that I only had to go out and look at the track so I could get my points in race 2, but managed to stay on the bike with only a couple of falls. Points race, race 2, I was getting in the swing of things . . . . . .  I may have been riding just faster than walking pace but I made a few passes due to not falling off and passing those who needed help restarting their bikes when they came off.  I had a lot of fun shouting out to the guys on the side-lines cheering me on even though it wasn’t like our usual club day.

May is fast approaching and so is the TTAG AGM.  I was hoping to jump on the back of the BMW with dad for the ride and come and say a few words . . . . . but a flat track race day in Ashburton has just cropped up . . . . . and I think for that reason the BMW can wait just a little bit longer to be ridden.  So while you guys will be sitting through a slightly important meeting, me and dad will be racing around a TT track having a ton of fun and hopefully some good results.   Cheers,

– Kelly – 111 (04/04/2017)


kelly1                kelly2


” Kelly in Action “



The sun shone from a clear blue sky. Sunday mornings best deal in town was at Robbie’s car park.  Riders from all over on bikes, side chair, trike and Can Am all chatted in the relaxed atmosphere.  TTAG was well represented (and thanked) with Barry on a bike I hadn’t seen at March and Bernie on his fresh rebuild.  Jacob called us to Riders Brief and Prayer.

We then had a relaxed ride to Pleasant Point, ton plus ten to Cave then carved corners to Fairlie. Lunch at the Bakehouse was excellent as usual, with us doing takeaways – stuffed down the front of the jacket. Quick trip over the Gorge had us pick up a Buell with red bands on the foot pegs till Cannington , then a black sports something obeying the speed limit. Great ride, good company.

Thanks BRONZ.

–  Malx.


” Gathering for the BRONZ Toy Run “



Most of our transport and toys rely on a battery to start them and keep them going. Paul and Neil at Timaru Battery Service have taken care of the Clubs and my battery needs – forever.

They provide new batteries for our motors and spares for our Rally as well as free advice. They both ride bikes. Now to the business end of the deal – keeping our volts available anytime!

For a bike or car used intermittently: one weekend charging per month is the formula. The chargers are pretty much foolproof and safe, no chance of a cellphone style meltdown in the garage on the top up weekend. Battery’s live lots longer if kept fully charged, oh, and your motor will be good to go.

–  Malx.


Newsletter Photo’s: – 

magpie 2016             rock n Hop

                   ” Magpie Madness 2016 ”                                                                                         ” Rock n Hop 2017 “

at Work

 ” Girl @ Work – Maintaining Ducati “


   You can download the full April newsletter as a PDF by clicking on the link below: –

TTAG Newsletter April 2017

22 May 2017

May Newsletter 2017

NEws Letter                                                                 ttag logo color


This Months President’s Report: – 


Another AGM has gone by.  It was good to see so many turn up for it.  I would like to thank everyone for another year as your President.  I hope you all enjoyed Rick’s talk about what we have to do and the councils side of applying for the alcohol license. Don’t forget the staging post coming up and our mid-winter party.

–  Shayne


Sadly I wrote out a jolly fine news letter then shagged up when I attempted to save it, whilst waiting for Shayne’s Presidential report. Mean while I had burned all my notes so some of this news letter maybe hit and miss. Lucky for me most of you were at the AGM and will know more than I do.

Well as you can see from Shayne’s report he has been returned as president for another year.

–   Vice President; Tash Port.

–   Treasurer; Liz Buckingham.

–   Secretary; Malx Penty.

–   Sherif; Hilton Rathbone,

–   Deputies; Billy Michelle

–   News Letter editor; Kerry O’Rourke.

–   Road Captains; Ants Paisley, Charlie & ABBO

–   Road Runner; Bernie Guile.

We have a very strong committee with a goodly flush of new young blood. The Staging Post 19th to 21st May, a very popular annual event. !9 klms North of Cheviot cabins and Dormatories available. Bernie will be taking the support vehicle with club booze. Several members will be riding up on the Friday and know doubt some will be going up on Saturday, Liz Buckingham for one.

Bernie the road runner will be able to tell you what time the group are leaving.

The Brass Monkey 2nd to 4th June, no doubt a group of our members will be braving the cold. If you are let the road runner know so he can put a group together. Much better to ride with your buddies.

Club ride to Albury Tavern 25th of June, leaving from Empire Hotel 12.00 am.

You may remember a band called “Libranz”who performed at one of our rallies. Well they have contacted us through facebook and wish to play again for us. They now perform under the name of “ Devils Handbrake” They will be performing at the Pleasant Point Hotel July the 1st and have invited us to come along and check them out. Some of you may wish to make a night of it then crash at my place.

Mean time rego on hold and bikes on the trickle charger,

–  Kerry


This Months Joke: – 

A man returns home a day early from a business trip. It’s after midnight. While en-route home, he asks the cabby if he would be a witness, because the man suspects his wife is having an affair, and he wants to catch her in the act. For $100, the cabby agrees. Quietly arriving home, the husband and cabby tip toe into the bedroom. The husband switches on the lights, yanks the blanket back and there is his wife, naked as a jay bird, with a man, totally nude also. The husband puts a gun to the naked man’s head.

The wife shouts, “WAIT…Don’t do it! I lied when I told you I inherited all that money.

–   HE paid for that Porsche I gave you.

–   HE paid for your new 25 ft. Ranger Fishing Boat.

–   HE paid for your Football season tickets.

–   HE paid for our house at the lake.

–   HE paid for your Golf Trip to St Andrews and your new 4 x 4.

–   HE paid for our country club membership and he even pays the monthly dues.

And because of HIM, I can put an extra $2,000 in our checking account each month!”

Shaking his head from side-to-side, the husband lowers the gun. He looks over at the cabby and says, ‘What would YOU do’?

The cabby thought for a moment and replied, ‘I’d cover him with that blanket, before he catches a cold.’


This Months Photo: – 

Blast from the past

A Blast from the Past: – ” The Staging Post several years ago”


      You can download the full May newsletter as a PDF by clicking on the link below: –

TTAG Newsletter May 2017

14 Aug 2016

August Newsletter 2016

August 2016

Hi Everyone
It was good to see a good numbers turn up to the July club meeting. It was a nice we ride to
Aubrey even through it was a bit windy in places but it was fun. The meeting went well with
some lively debate on some topics . Hope everyone has wrapped up warm this week as it is
a bit cold and some snow falling. I hear Tarsh has a new bike now so a fine might be in order
for her (sorry Tarsh ) The rally is getting closer , I see facebook is starting to fill up with
questions about it, so if you are out an about an are asked if it is on the answer is of course
it is . As you were with the three hour shifts at the rally mentioned in the last news letter, now
back to 2 hour shifts. Rowdy found it aukward to work out. For your information our rally
notice and dates on facebook had 5,366 views last time I looked, that a hell of a lot of free advertising.
A big thanks to Jock who has offered to sponsor our wet tee shirt and wet jock
competitions. Cheers Jock.
Whats coming up; The BRONZ Timaru annual Globe Trotter rally/ trial 1 st and 2 nd October.
For those who havn’t participated in this event, we meet in the loop road at the bay where
you are given a list of clues and directions, best taped to your petrol tank. As you do the
stages at legal road speeds there are points for arriving closest to the prescribed time.
Getting lost, going to fast or to slow will see you out of the prize list. There is a mistery
overnight destination, different each year, where they party up. There is a teams event and
TTAG feature regularly in the prizes and trophies.
The MATES Rally, Gore 18 th To 20 th October. A good ride with a couple of options of how to
get there and back. Our club ride this month Sunday the 21 st Meet at the Empire Hotel,
Temuka at 12.oo am. We will ride the long way to the Cosmepolitan Club, back roads for
those not registered. Browne Street, Timaru. Near the warehouse where everyone gets
a bargain. Rowdy will be doing his best to sort the roster at this meeting, or at least find
out which jobs you would prefer. { no we can’t all be wet tee shirt judges.}
8 Aug 2016

July Newsletter 2016

July 2016 Edition
Hi everyone
Hope you are staying warm. It was good to see all that turned up at the mid-winter and
those who missed it , It was a good night. Our guests and prespective members had a good
night. Thank you to those who turned up early to help with the setting up and the clean up
on sunday. The planning of our rally is coming along nicely everything is falling into place.
And remember to ride safe.
You will all be pleased to know planning for our Rally is going extremely well, your
committee is on fire.
We have trimmed the unfinancial from our mailing lists and the club now has 48 members.
This raised some concerns about how many able bodied members do we need to run our
rally. With this in mind we are going to trial 3 hour shifts this year. It always amazes me
when members turn up for their shift 20 minutes late and sometimes not at all. How hard
can it be to write your duty times down on a pocket card and be on time or early for your
We will be having a club ride on the 24 th July leaving from the Empire Hotel 12.00 am
heading for the Albury Tavern.
Hi all,
As you probably all figured I hadn’t really prepared for what I was going to say at the
Mid-Winter Party but hey you guys got the gist of it, hahah!! I was hoping Ants was
going to be there and after he had said his bit I would have just followed on…. Anyway I had
a good first season, well end of really. After missing about 3 races at the start of the season,
then slowly learning to ride and having a month off due to injury, I have come quite a way.
Oh, and the new bike to come to grips with. Last club day was freezing and quite wet, along
with off camber corners (my fav… not) and a lot of hills (mountains!). I didn’t quite complete
a lap and my confidence was quite low so I pulled out and warmed up instead, leaving Dad
to fight the cold.As you all probably heard at the Mid-Winter Party, Dad has got yet
another new bike (3rd race bike), and had a pretty successful day and was nothing but smiles
all round. He had a few offs and I don’t think he could be bothered cleaning the demo bike
to give back so just bought it anyway…..We had the SCMCC prize giving on the 24 th (June)
and a good social gathering with everyone in the Club. I didn’t receive anything; neither did Dad,
but I have my sights set on a podium finish this season (2016/17) hopefully! I gained 30 points
over the season getting 15 in each points race I raced in. I plan to (hopefully) get points at every
club day this season as I am finally happy with the bike and have the key techniques under my belt.
  • Dad and I recently went for a ride out at the Backflips Dirtfarm (Pleasant Point) for a
    second time and we were both surprised at how well we rode on the track. The track
    was still in good shape from the weekend before when it had been prepped. I had one fall,
    but taught myself how to jump finally!! (Dads not too good with the moto advice just now!).
    There were a few others out riding too so we had a bit of competition, and a really good
    training day together.
    In September I have South Island Secondary Schools and also Club Champs sometime
    soon (August I think?) that I look forward to, but in the meantime its club days and long
    training sessions. Cheers for all your support, it is very much appreciated Kelly Penty, 111
    (You may notice the change of race number – I was 112 because 111 was not available
    last season, but I’ve got it now – For Keeps!)“I may not be winning but I do know how
    to stuff up your lines so you don’t either”
    Kelly gave her verbal report at the Mid Winter Party. “Well done Kelly”.
  • Last of the summer wine, wheres the other bloke
    .Obviously some good advice here – about as successful as any other I have heard.
    If you had purchased £1,000 of shares in Delta Airlines one year ago, you would have
    £49.00 today.
    If you had purchased £1,000 of shares in AIG insurance company one year ago, you
    would have £33.00 today.
    If you had purchased £1,000 of shares in Lehman Brothers five years ago, you would
    have nothing today.
    If you had purchased £1,000 of shares in Northern Rock three years ago, you would
    have nothing today.
    But, if you had purchased £1,000 worth of beer one year ago, drunk all the beer, then
    taken the aluminium cans to the scrap metal dealer, you would have received £214.00.
    Based on the above, the best current investment plan is to drink heavily & recycle.
    A recent study found that the average kiwi walks about 900 miles a year.
    Another study found that kiwidrink, on average, 22 gallons of alcohol a year. That
    means that, on average, kiwis get about 41 miles to the gallon!
    Makes you proud to be a kiwi!
6 Oct 2015

September Newsletter 2015

magpie mail


Another little yarn to start things off

Long To Live

This biker lady has a heart attack and is taken to the hospital. While on the operating table, she had a near death experience.

Seeing god she asked “Is my time up?” God said “No you have 43 years 2 months and 8 days to live.”

Upon recovery, the women decided to stay in hospital and have a facelift, liposuction and a tummy tuck. Since she had so much more time to live, new roads to ride, she figured she might as well look even nicer.

After her last operation, she was released from hospital. While riding her motorcycle home, she was run into by a delivery truck and killed. Arriving at the pearly gates in front of God, she demanded, “I thought you said I had another 40+ years? How come you didn’t pull me out of the path of that fricken truck?”

God replied, “I didn’t recognise you.”

Hi Everyone

We had a good turnout for the wood chop but couldn’t do much as there was a horse event on and they didn’t want chain saws going, so we did the usual thing, had a BBQ lunch and a couple of drinks. The Meeting on the Sunday at Forks Hotel was well attended, was a nice ride down there first time my bike been out since May. Our rally is getting closer and everything is under control for it. It was good to see Maxine at the meeting and  we all hope your leg is getting better and you are back on your bike soon.

Ride safe and have fun

Shayne S.    TTAG


Shayne and Vickie`s USA Trip.

Finally after 20 odd hours of traveling we finally made it to DC at 4.15 in the morning. So hot, even at that time of the day!! After a few hours of sleep we had a wee walk around and found a nice Irish pub to have a cold beer and some much needed food! Just chilled for the rest of the day. Sunday we did a bus tour of DC. Super-hot once again. Monday arrived and time to get the bike. Slight problem with the GPS…kept turning off!  Not ideal on those roads. Back to Eagle Rider and they fitted a new one and then we were off!!! First day was just a short ride. Took a while to get used to the roads and bike. GPS took us a few wrong turns but we finally got it sorted on the 3rd day. First ride we did was The Skyline Drive. Amazing views. Met some fellow bikers while on a drink break. All very friendly. 4th day we did the Dragons Tail. Took a while to find our way there. Met a real live hillbilly while stopping for directions. He said he had trouble understanding us!!!  Right back at ya we thought!  Dragon’s tail was pretty awesome. Passed some guys who had gone over the edge. Good luck getting their bikes back. On the eighth day we headed for New Orleans. Tried to avoid the freeways. Found a road with bumps just about the whole way. Awesome views though so made up for the crappy roads. We had 2 nights in New

Orleans. We did a cruise down the Mississippi on a paddle boat. Went to Bourbon Street. There was a street called Frenchmen Street just 5 minutes from our hotel which is supposed to be better than Bourbon Street so we went there. Lots of jazz and bars. After New Orleans we made our way to Memphis.

Just had to do Graceland. Not as big as we thought and very 70s of course!!

But can now cross that off the bucket list. Very hot down south. And so muggy.

Did lots of swimming along the way. Slowly made our way back to DC on the 2nd of July. Was very lucky with the weather. Only got caught in one thunderstorm but it was a good one. Poured down. And a few showers on our last day but apart from that it was the high 30s for the whole 2 1/2 weeks we were on the bike. Would totally recommend it. Everyone we met was super friendly and loved our accents!!!!  Now to save for the next one!

6 Oct 2015

August Newsletter 2015

magpie mail


Just for you Harley owners.

God & Arthur Davidson

The inventor Arthur Davidson, of the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Corporation, died and went to heaven.
At the gates, St. Peter told Arthur,”Since you’ve been such a good man and your Motorcycles have changed the world,your reward is, you can hang out with anyone you want in Heaven.”
Arthur thought about it for a minute and then said, “I want to hang out with God.”
St. Peter took Arthur to the Throne Room, and introduced him to God.
Arthur then asked God, “Hey, aren’t you the inventor of women?
“God said, “Ah, yes. ”
“Well, ” said Arthur, “professional to professional, you have some major design flaws in your invention.”
God was somewhat taken back, and when He asked what the flaws might be, Arthur Davidson produced a list for Him to read.

1. There’s too much inconsistency in the front-end protrusions
2. It chatters constantly at high speeds.
3. Most of the rear ends are too soft and wobble too much.
4. The intake is placed way to close to the exhaust and finally,
5. The maintenance costs are outrageous.

“Hmmmm, you may have some good points there and it may be true that My invention is flawed… ” God said to Arthur.
“But the last time that I checked, more men are riding My invention than yours.”

Just for you Dale



Hope you all had a good winter, Hope it wasn’t too cold for everyone sadly Vickie and I missed most of it but we did suffer in the heat anywhere between 26 and 42 degrees. It looks like Swords run was a great success sadly we missed it. Would like to thank Phil and Michele for having the mid-winter at their place. Rally season is coming up fast so everyone will have to start checking their stuff is ready and replace it if needed. Looks like Kerry is having a great time over in the USA. He should have some good stories to tell when he gets back. Hope to catch up with everyone in next couple of months.

Thanks Shayne

Dates to remember

Wood Chop 22nd August 2015 At Winchester Show Grounds Start  12.30

Club Run 23rd August 2015 Leaving The Empire Hotel 12.00pm Heading to The Waihao Forks Hotel, Waimate.

Mt Cook Rally 17th and 18th October 2015

6 Oct 2015

July Newsletter 2015

magpie mail


Only nine at committee meeting this week. Flu is keeping a few at home. Friendly banter was going on while we were sorting out the jobs for Sword`s Memorial Run on Saturday. The meeting was closed sharp at 9pm

Wishing Max & Turtle a speedy recovery

Welcome home Shayne and Vickie

Thank you to everyone who Helped out on Sword`s Memorial Run and the people that attended, also to those who Contributed to the News Letter especially Terence WMC.

Sword 2 Sword

Sword`s Memorial Poker Run

Wow, what an event. It was great from beginning to end! I believe there must have been plenty of input into the ideas for the event as everything was in place. Our females towed the caravans out to the holiday park, whilst our male counterparts took to erecting the gazebo, putting up the trestles and sorting the BBQ at the Empire Hotel, Temuka.  Food was prepared by many prior to Sat and by 11.30 we were very busy taking money and writing names in the poker run book. Nearly 100 motorbikes assembled and shortly after 1 pm we rumbled along the main street of Temuka, led by Rowdy, and cruised along to Alister at the Winch where we drew the 2nd card and refreshed with the odd ale or two. Keeping formation we pulled into Geraldine and took our time chatting and drew the 3rd card. No winners at this stage. Smarter pace winding our way to Pleasant Point where we relaxed, enjoyed a chat, and some of us were lucky enough to win spot prizes, yahoo! Back down the road to Temuka where we were welcomed with fabulous hot soup and choices of meat dishes. The wind chill factor was rising but it didn’t matter as we had been riding in fabulous weather with the sun on our backs! Finally the 5th card was drawn and lo and behold our very own Ants was first, an outsider 2nd and the lovely Jenny was 3rd. The rugby drew in a few more clients and the Southern boys, Highlanders made the day, winning a fantastic game. The band were amazing, Top Shelf form Waimate, each of them was a great musician and the pub rocked. Great singing and we danced the night away! The publican, Ian, was in fine form and also enjoyed our crowd. Thank you to each of you who came, all in all, a jolly awesome night. What a way to remember Sword and other TTAG members who had passed prior to Sword.

Cheers, Lizzie

Mid-Winter Do

Well the 20th of June was looming again which means that it was party for me again, which is always fun. I was both lucky and unlucky that weekend, lucky because I was able to attend the mid-winter party and unlucky because I was meant to be on a fishing trip which was cancelled so it was always going to be a win.

This year Phil and Michelle had offered their place as a venue which we were pleased to accept. The conditions were certainly appropriate for the occasion with snow on the ground which sort of mucked up the idea of a hangi which was the original idea. Phil however had an above ground hangi and hired a roaster which certainly solved that problem. With that and the large garage with heaters in it we were certainly comfortable. The conditions made it hard to tell that we were at a motorbike club event, with everybody except Keith turning up in a tin top, some with a caravan attached. It’s just as well one of us is a hardy soul. We had between 20 and 30 of us there which kind of filled up the available parking as no one was too keen to get far from the shingle.

The start one was always going to be fairly flexible, but more so than usual as I understand it actually started on Friday someone with some folk taking their caravans up and Mary having a birthday what more excuse do you need? I got there early afternoon and was probably about the middle of the arrivals so we got straight down to the job at hand, i.e. shifting the refreshments from where they were into ourselves in an appropriate fashion. The food got prepared by some willing individuals fairly early on in the piece so it was all ready to cook when needed. As usual the food was up to its usual high standard and far too much of it so if anybody went hungry it was their own fault.

Malc Penty brought up his cannons with him and so since, we were in the country, we had to make a hell of a noise to let the neighbours know we were there which we did very successfully and I am sure they knew something was going on although we had no complaints and didn’t put Phil’s animals over the fence so that was all good. I went over to the house with Jock to watch the Highlanders have another win which felt quite good for us Otago boys sitting in Canterbury as there seems to be a sometimes prominent team out of the competition. I enjoyed the rugby banter between Jock and Phil’s daughters which I think if points were awarded the girls would have clearly won. It was then back to the party till bed time.

Come morning we had a leisurely start followed by a good brekky which certainly saved time at lunch time. That was followed by a meeting where Mokai told us of some happenings within the club and we cleaned up the mess and went home. It was once again a very good weekend     with very good company which is of course why we do it. Thank you again Phil and Michelle it was a great place to party and you made us most welcome.


Mid Winter

6 Oct 2015

June Newletter 2015

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TTAG News Letter June 2015

Report from The Back Room

There was a good turnout for the committee meet. A range of topics were discussed. From Swords Memorial Run to the Rally, getting quite lively at times. Michael let us know that Max was in Christchurch Hospital we wish her well with her recovery.

Next Club Ride/ Get Together is the Mid-Winter Do 20th June at Phil and Michele`s Methvan.

A Big Thanks to Barry for sourcing the wood.

Also Thanks to everyone that turned up with Vehicles, Chainsaws.  You’re Time and effort has been appreciated


“Sometimes it takes a whole Fuel Tank Before your Think Straight”

Presidents Post

Hi everyone

Hope all that went to the staging post and had a good one and the wood chop went well. Vickie and I will sadly miss the mid-winter at Phil`s and Swords memorial run, as will be in the USA on holiday at the time. So will be leaving Bill Hessall in charge while I am away. Don’t be too hard on him. Look forward to seeing everyone when we get back. I will try and send pics of our trip as we travel around. But I’m not too good at this so will see what happens. So everybody have a good time.

That’s all for now

Shayne S

4 Jun 2015

David (Sword) Niles

A Run For A Legend