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Presidents Report – October 2018

Well, lots going on. Was good to see a large turnout for Gumboots 70th B Day. There was also a good turnout for the club ride to Twizel. Rally stuff coming along well. The booze is ordered just waiting on the License. Hopefully there won’t be any issues. Just a reminder for those riders that like to have a bevvie or two too. Just beware of the condition you are in when leaving as we want everyone to return home safely. Basically just don’t ride pissed as you may end up injuring yourself or someone else, or even worse destroying your beautiful ride.

Cheers Shawn

Next Club Ride


Just a reminder, this is not “actually” a club ride. I’ve posted details for informational purposes only. People are welcome to leave at anytime and take whatever route desired…..and all are welcome.

For those leaving on Friday…..

9.30 am at the Empire

For those leaving on Saturday…

10 am at the Empire

At this stage…. both rides going through the Lewis Pass, and returning via Arthurs Pass, however no hard and fast plans….