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April Newsletter 2015

3 Jun 2015

April Newsletter 2015

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TTAG Newsletter April 2015


Vice President’s Report

Hi All

Another March Hare has been and gone. All those that went had a good time even though it was a bit wet on Saturday night. We tried out the new blue club marquee which was commented on. Sounds like it was a good night at Phil’s 50

There was a small turn out on Sundays meeting at Cave the rain might have had something to do with it as there was only 5 or 6 bikes and rest in the 4 wheel club. If you can’t make the next club meeting make sure you get to the AGM on the 3rd of May. And be good out there if not be careful.

Shayne VP


It was march hare time again so I packed up my bike and got ready to go. Before I left Mike Sullivan rang me to tell me it was raining like hell and the club tents etc were not going to appear so I put on wets and got under way. Just got over Mt. Cargill and rain stopped and didn’t start again so I was quite overdressed as it became a very nice day for the job in hand. Got to the site and found that it was a nice relaxed time as I only had to worry about my own tent and not all the club tents. There were certainly varying opinions about that subject as the weather forecast wasn’t too good but never mind. We were a fairly select group of T.T.A.G members on the Friday but we had good night anyway and weather was not an issue. On the Saturday morning I took advantage of the courtesy van to go into town and get a folding chair to sit on as that was one thing I did miss. Also on Saturday a bit of ingenuity and slack time meant that we came up with a quite passable shelter and central meeting place, thanks for the tarp Bernie. Dale was obviously a bit lacking in the licence department so turned up on the farm four wheeler – he was just going to work on the farm of course. He must have a bloody big farm as it was 130 km each way. But it shows dedication to attend. For a variety of reasons the T.T.A.G. membership attendance was smaller than we normally have, but we still had a very good catch up and general chewing of the fat.


I think the general attendance of the whole rally was back on what they would normally expect and I don’t know why because it was still a good show they put on. Good bands and all the usual entertainment. The constabulary were in attendance on Sunday morning as usual so I took advantage of the breath testing service run by the local fire brigade before starting my bike up and heading back home. All in all it was in my opinion another lovely weekend away with good mates and lots of fun for all.

Ivan T

March hare

TTAG’s Ant P’s Racing Update

To all club Members

Last weekend I was at Ruapuna for the Last Round of King of Ruapuna, the day was looking not to bad as we woke up at 5.30 in the morning to a bright clear day but it was not going to last. I drove to the track looking forward to doing well and as per Normal I was the 1st one there, but got in to the pits parked up and started to unload the bike looked down on the ground and there was pools of oil on the ground which was Quite fresh, I was thinking there must of been car racing either the day before or 2 or 3 days ago, I will explain why it’s not a good thing when that happens with you all at some time. But anyway I moved away from the oil and got my pit set up then I took my Front wet rim off the bike and then put my Dry rim on cause it looked like it was going to be a good day, but no Murphy’s law came in to play, as you put your dry tyres on it decided to bloody piss down. So I decided to wait to see if the weather would break while I was waiting the call went out for my class to be ready to go out on the track in 5 minutes……. I still had dry tyres on, I would of got a half lap in and would of come off with tyres I had on, and by the way at the riders briefing we were told that the Drift cars were out there the day before, that’s where the oil come from wonder much oil was on the track? Anyway I waited to lunch time before I made the Decision whether to race or not it had stopped raining by then but there was standing water on the track, I had gut feeling not to race as there was to many things not working out and also about 9 to 10 bikes had gone down and 3 people had gone to Hospital with broken bones, so I made my Decision not to race that day I came home in 1 piece and my bike was in 1 piece.

I was really Disappointed that I didn’t race but real happy that my bike is already for the next race meeting. I keep you all informed of when that will be, I think it will be in July sometime but will let all of you know of dates.

I want to thank Morry and his Friend for coming along to the track and supporting me, sorry wasn’t racing mate but there will be other times to come.

Thank you to you all for your support and Encouragement for making a grown man’s Dream come true.

Ants # 19

.ant 2

March Sunday Ride.

There was a bit of a dash Sunday morning to make it midday at the Empire, to be met by three bikes and a car, then another car, then another bike – not bad considering the drizzle was getting heavier. I jumped in the puddles, ah, the novelty was still there! Moki was most positive stating that others would already be at Cave. Ants set us off at a mild pace, for a start, then as we caught him up he cut off for extra corners, rather than following the straight path. Moki was right, there were two dozen of us at Cave Arms for lunch. Food done, Shane chaired the meeting, we all got to speak if we wanted, then off we set on dry roads for home. For me it was over the Gorge then Brassels Bridge. What a great afternoon! Malx.


Dates To Remember

April 19th TTAG monthly ride & meeting, Village Inn Geraldine, Depart EmpireHotel 12pm

May 3rd – Sunday TTAG AGM Empire Hotel Temuka 1pm Aftenoon Tea Supplied

May 2nd – Jokers wheels week run 11am leaving from Devon Tavern Victoria St

Ph Bill Hessell 03 684 9443 if you are interested

May 7th – TTAG Club Meeting Winchester Hotel 7.30pm

May 15th 16th – TTAG Staging Post

May 30th 31st – Brass Monkey 

June 20th – TTAG Mid Winter Xmas Party

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