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August Newsletter 2016

14 Aug 2016

August Newsletter 2016

August 2016

Hi Everyone
It was good to see a good numbers turn up to the July club meeting. It was a nice we ride to
Aubrey even through it was a bit windy in places but it was fun. The meeting went well with
some lively debate on some topics . Hope everyone has wrapped up warm this week as it is
a bit cold and some snow falling. I hear Tarsh has a new bike now so a fine might be in order
for her (sorry Tarsh ) The rally is getting closer , I see facebook is starting to fill up with
questions about it, so if you are out an about an are asked if it is on the answer is of course
it is . As you were with the three hour shifts at the rally mentioned in the last news letter, now
back to 2 hour shifts. Rowdy found it aukward to work out. For your information our rally
notice and dates on facebook had 5,366 views last time I looked, that a hell of a lot of free advertising.
A big thanks to Jock who has offered to sponsor our wet tee shirt and wet jock
competitions. Cheers Jock.
Whats coming up; The BRONZ Timaru annual Globe Trotter rally/ trial 1 st and 2 nd October.
For those who havn’t participated in this event, we meet in the loop road at the bay where
you are given a list of clues and directions, best taped to your petrol tank. As you do the
stages at legal road speeds there are points for arriving closest to the prescribed time.
Getting lost, going to fast or to slow will see you out of the prize list. There is a mistery
overnight destination, different each year, where they party up. There is a teams event and
TTAG feature regularly in the prizes and trophies.
The MATES Rally, Gore 18 th To 20 th October. A good ride with a couple of options of how to
get there and back. Our club ride this month Sunday the 21 st Meet at the Empire Hotel,
Temuka at 12.oo am. We will ride the long way to the Cosmepolitan Club, back roads for
those not registered. Browne Street, Timaru. Near the warehouse where everyone gets
a bargain. Rowdy will be doing his best to sort the roster at this meeting, or at least find
out which jobs you would prefer. { no we can’t all be wet tee shirt judges.}

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