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18 Apr 2018

April Newsletter 2018

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This Months President’s Report: – 

Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone got over daylight saving change ok was good to get an extra hour in bed and not have to work a night shift.  The new club trailer had its first outing at the march hare which went well both BBQs went well. We had a turn out at the march hare and the weather stayed nice for the weekend.  Thanks to all those that helped pack up on the Sunday.

A small turn out for our last club meeting in tekapo the weather was very nice their.  Also Don’t forget the 6th of May for our AGM at 1 o’clock at the Empire.

–  Shayne


TTAG Club Ride: – 

Sunday sunshine had nine bikes meet up at Saltwater Creek for midday.  We were there for a while cos of stories and laughs getting plenty airplay. Cool and clear let us feel the wind go by as we rode SH1 to Makihihi, left to Hunter and into Waimate – the back way.  We had a quick look at Bill Scott’s painting on the grain silos then off up the Gorge.

Kelly and I picked the pace up round the corners a bit, the road was good.  Lyn and Dunlop were waiting for us, so drinks then an excellent lunch led to a short meeting.  It was good to have an open talk about club finances, our Rally expectations and the possible new Executive. 

Talking finished , we zipped up and got some low lean angles back through the Gorge. A local Cop had gone through ten minutes earlier so we kept a watch but didn’t see any more of that.  A good ride.

This is a great way to pop out for lunch, meet friends and burn some gasoline!

– Malx


Ride Of Rememberance: – 

Leaving from the Timaru R.S.A. 21st April, Be at the Timaru RSA at 8.00 for a cooked breakfast, later if you don’t want breakfast.

$15 to take part in the ride a further $15 if you want a patch.

Talk to Billy & Michelle if you want to know more . . . Phone: –  021 396 551


TTAG – A.G.M: – 

Our AGM will be held as usual at the Empire Hotel, Temuka 1.00 P.M. 6th of May.

Subscriptions to be paid on the day.  $15 – Singles & $25 – Family.

There is no planned ride before the meeting.


TTAG – Staging Post Run: – 

This is a club annual event, riding to a little bit North of Cheviot, North Canterbury and staying at the Staging Post Holiday Park.  

Dates are as follows: – 25th, 26th & 27th of May. 

The cost  this years is: – $30 Per night per person . . . . $20 food 2x nights or $10 food 1x night.

The support vehicle and food arrangements will be finalized at our A.G.M.


TTAG – Mid Winter Party: – 

The Winchester show grounds have been booked for our mid winter party, mark your calender for June 23rd.


Tanya’s New Toy: –

“Tanya’s new ride a triumph speed triple”


Sundowner Rally Report: – 

The Sundowner Rally Report. I took a Friday off for this rally and the weather started off nice enough.  A quick stop for fuel at Geraldine and on my way, by the time I got to Mt Somers I had to
stop to put the wets on and they remained on till Waikari. On the way stopping at Oxford for a late lunch { awesome Cornish pastie }.

Arrived at rally site about 3pm and parked up next to Hilton and Jim from Blenheim.  Not many there on Friday night as weather probably put a few off, a good band some beers a marque to sit under, pretty good in my book.

Saturday dawned cloudy but cleared and became sunny, myself ,Hilton,Jim and Ray headed up to Culverdon for lunch after which I went for a ride through the Leader to SH1 then down to Greta Valley then back inland to Waikari.  Arriving back at the rally site Shayne, Bruce and Adam had arrived so it was down to some beer drinking and watching the games.  A lot more people had turned up for Saturday as the sun came out and was a great day. The Band that night was mammoth and put out some good music,a fewmore beers and Canadian Clubs downed and I went off to bed about 11:30.

Sunday morning all packed up and ready to head off, Hilton and I stopping at Amberly for breakfast.  On the way home I managed to lose my tent off the back, I felt it go and went back to have a look but the traffic was so heavy it wasn’t really safe so I had to get a new tent.  Apart from the tent it was a great weekend, I’ll have a new tent to try out at Beaumont rally.

– Grant.


Beaumont Valley Rally: – 

April 7th dawned cloudy & cool, and enthusiasm was low despite Grant taking a day off especially. We got packing and then it started to drizzle.  Committed now we carried on and sun was out as
we left. It’d been over 3 years since I’d done a rally & night in tent, after a pinched disc/ambulance.

Great ride south with a few comfort stops. Triumph is nice and low for getting on but gear on back and panniers still require some hopping and internal cursing.  We bought a shiny chrome pack rack which has a maximum weight limit of 2 kgs or something equally useless.  I’m predicting someone will find it biffed into a gutter in years to come, when it finally breaks.

Sun was out most of the way, great autumn riding. Few spits near Dunedin, and sunny again by the time we got to Beaumont.

Nice grassy camp site. Found a spot and pitched our tent, then into pub for a welcome beer and hot chips.  There were Jim Sheridan and Ivan, so had a catch up with them and mates.

Nice ‘real’ meal served at pub later, then out to listen to the band.  They were really good, and the night stayed dry although a little cool.  Marque, bar and….. flush loos!!

After the night in our new tent (old one on side of road around Chertsey – it did a bail out on the way home from Sundowner never to be seen again) we wandered off for a cuppa and along came the rain. I’ve recently changed jackets to one with a bit of hivis, so this was a great chance to test out new gear’s waterproofness . . . would have been just as happy not testing it! . . . . Packed up wet gear and off to Milton for a very good brekky at Kelly’s Kitchen.  Clear by then. Had some cold patches on the way home and a few idiots on the road, but nothing scary.  One particularly amusing incident was having to merge in Dunedin when the driver beside us seemed unaware that his lane was ending . . . until the road cone was right in front, then on went the brakes, car-nose down.  At least they didn’t swerve into us.

Home in good time to unpack, drape wet gear around & tidy up. Next rally might be Brass Monkey.

Keep warm


March Hare Rally Report: – 

I’d been looking forward to this for a while, Friday came upon us and off we went. Greeted at the gate with a smile just started the feeling of great place to be in good company!

Shane had sorted the bits of trailer and barbeque with the vittels, tent and seating so the Club was settled in.

The weather forecast and the cops thinned out the arrivals some but the Friday night feel was magic.  Rode home by the light of the full moon glinting off the Pacific.

Saturday had all good to go, well relaxed and cruising right into the evening.  Midge and Ivan got us fed, though a late spicy Turkish topped me up. 

The band’s were entertaining, we made new friends, caught up on some old ones and will be back for the next one.

Guess you had to be there.

– Malx


This Month’s Photo: – 

” Our new trailer in action at the March Hare “


 You can download the full April newsletter as a PDF by clicking on the link below: –

TTAG Newsletter April 2018

2nd – TTAG Newsletter April 2018