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14 Aug 2016

August Newsletter 2016

August 2016

Hi Everyone
It was good to see a good numbers turn up to the July club meeting. It was a nice we ride to
Aubrey even through it was a bit windy in places but it was fun. The meeting went well with
some lively debate on some topics . Hope everyone has wrapped up warm this week as it is
a bit cold and some snow falling. I hear Tarsh has a new bike now so a fine might be in order
for her (sorry Tarsh ) The rally is getting closer , I see facebook is starting to fill up with
questions about it, so if you are out an about an are asked if it is on the answer is of course
it is . As you were with the three hour shifts at the rally mentioned in the last news letter, now
back to 2 hour shifts. Rowdy found it aukward to work out. For your information our rally
notice and dates on facebook had 5,366 views last time I looked, that a hell of a lot of free advertising.
A big thanks to Jock who has offered to sponsor our wet tee shirt and wet jock
competitions. Cheers Jock.
Whats coming up; The BRONZ Timaru annual Globe Trotter rally/ trial 1 st and 2 nd October.
For those who havn’t participated in this event, we meet in the loop road at the bay where
you are given a list of clues and directions, best taped to your petrol tank. As you do the
stages at legal road speeds there are points for arriving closest to the prescribed time.
Getting lost, going to fast or to slow will see you out of the prize list. There is a mistery
overnight destination, different each year, where they party up. There is a teams event and
TTAG feature regularly in the prizes and trophies.
The MATES Rally, Gore 18 th To 20 th October. A good ride with a couple of options of how to
get there and back. Our club ride this month Sunday the 21 st Meet at the Empire Hotel,
Temuka at 12.oo am. We will ride the long way to the Cosmepolitan Club, back roads for
those not registered. Browne Street, Timaru. Near the warehouse where everyone gets
a bargain. Rowdy will be doing his best to sort the roster at this meeting, or at least find
out which jobs you would prefer. { no we can’t all be wet tee shirt judges.}
8 Aug 2016

July Newsletter 2016

July 2016 Edition
Hi everyone
Hope you are staying warm. It was good to see all that turned up at the mid-winter and
those who missed it , It was a good night. Our guests and prespective members had a good
night. Thank you to those who turned up early to help with the setting up and the clean up
on sunday. The planning of our rally is coming along nicely everything is falling into place.
And remember to ride safe.
You will all be pleased to know planning for our Rally is going extremely well, your
committee is on fire.
We have trimmed the unfinancial from our mailing lists and the club now has 48 members.
This raised some concerns about how many able bodied members do we need to run our
rally. With this in mind we are going to trial 3 hour shifts this year. It always amazes me
when members turn up for their shift 20 minutes late and sometimes not at all. How hard
can it be to write your duty times down on a pocket card and be on time or early for your
We will be having a club ride on the 24 th July leaving from the Empire Hotel 12.00 am
heading for the Albury Tavern.
Hi all,
As you probably all figured I hadn’t really prepared for what I was going to say at the
Mid-Winter Party but hey you guys got the gist of it, hahah!! I was hoping Ants was
going to be there and after he had said his bit I would have just followed on…. Anyway I had
a good first season, well end of really. After missing about 3 races at the start of the season,
then slowly learning to ride and having a month off due to injury, I have come quite a way.
Oh, and the new bike to come to grips with. Last club day was freezing and quite wet, along
with off camber corners (my fav… not) and a lot of hills (mountains!). I didn’t quite complete
a lap and my confidence was quite low so I pulled out and warmed up instead, leaving Dad
to fight the cold.As you all probably heard at the Mid-Winter Party, Dad has got yet
another new bike (3rd race bike), and had a pretty successful day and was nothing but smiles
all round. He had a few offs and I don’t think he could be bothered cleaning the demo bike
to give back so just bought it anyway…..We had the SCMCC prize giving on the 24 th (June)
and a good social gathering with everyone in the Club. I didn’t receive anything; neither did Dad,
but I have my sights set on a podium finish this season (2016/17) hopefully! I gained 30 points
over the season getting 15 in each points race I raced in. I plan to (hopefully) get points at every
club day this season as I am finally happy with the bike and have the key techniques under my belt.
  • Dad and I recently went for a ride out at the Backflips Dirtfarm (Pleasant Point) for a
    second time and we were both surprised at how well we rode on the track. The track
    was still in good shape from the weekend before when it had been prepped. I had one fall,
    but taught myself how to jump finally!! (Dads not too good with the moto advice just now!).
    There were a few others out riding too so we had a bit of competition, and a really good
    training day together.
    In September I have South Island Secondary Schools and also Club Champs sometime
    soon (August I think?) that I look forward to, but in the meantime its club days and long
    training sessions. Cheers for all your support, it is very much appreciated Kelly Penty, 111
    (You may notice the change of race number – I was 112 because 111 was not available
    last season, but I’ve got it now – For Keeps!)“I may not be winning but I do know how
    to stuff up your lines so you don’t either”
    Kelly gave her verbal report at the Mid Winter Party. “Well done Kelly”.
  • Last of the summer wine, wheres the other bloke
    .Obviously some good advice here – about as successful as any other I have heard.
    If you had purchased £1,000 of shares in Delta Airlines one year ago, you would have
    £49.00 today.
    If you had purchased £1,000 of shares in AIG insurance company one year ago, you
    would have £33.00 today.
    If you had purchased £1,000 of shares in Lehman Brothers five years ago, you would
    have nothing today.
    If you had purchased £1,000 of shares in Northern Rock three years ago, you would
    have nothing today.
    But, if you had purchased £1,000 worth of beer one year ago, drunk all the beer, then
    taken the aluminium cans to the scrap metal dealer, you would have received £214.00.
    Based on the above, the best current investment plan is to drink heavily & recycle.
    A recent study found that the average kiwi walks about 900 miles a year.
    Another study found that kiwidrink, on average, 22 gallons of alcohol a year. That
    means that, on average, kiwis get about 41 miles to the gallon!
    Makes you proud to be a kiwi!