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28 Jan 2015

November Newsletter 2014

magpie mail

   You can download the full November newsletter as a PDF

TTAG Newsletter November 2014

Presidents Report


Well November is here, our Rally is rushing down upon us, hope you are all ready to do your part in making our 20th a success. Like a well oiled machine I hope. Ask not what your club can do for you but what you can do for your club.

On that inspireing note my apologies for not being at our pre rally meeting this past weekend, I had already paid mine and my Grandson’s fees to shoot in the South Island rifle shooting championships.

I thank those who turned up and moved the firewood across the grounds, well done.

There was a small contingent of TTAG took part in the festivities of The Mates Rally, Wiaumu, Gore weekend before last. A hot and sunny weekend it was, spoilt to a degree by strong winds, those who pitched their tents out in the open had their tents flattened and no doubt some of those tents never went home by the look of them.

Jock Winter has donated a voucher entitling the winner to the following

Two nights accommodation in a one bedroom apartment.

Welcome dinner and drink for two at The Chamois Bar and Grill both nights.

Breakfast for two both days.

Trip for two on the world renowned Tasman Glacier Explorer Boat trip.

35 minute Scenic Helicopter Flight with Heliworks Mt Cook.

Not sure how we are going to select the winner yet, but anyway we can’t thank you enough for this Jock, Good on ya mate! We might have to get the band to play your favourite tune, The Gambler wasn’t it.

See you all at Rally team.