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1 Oct 2014

October Newsletter 2014

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You can download the full October newsletter as a PDF,  – TTAG Newsletter October 2014


Presidents Report;

Hi Team,
Well, as you may have read on face book a few TTAGies entered The BRONZ Globe Trotter ride last weekend. Rowdy, Michael, Kerry and Maxine. well didn’t we do well we won the teams event and first and second individual trophies. This ride is a lot of fun and I am surprized more of you don’t have a crack at it. You get a set of instructions which require you to follow a set course and find clues along the way. Your kms are recorded and must be accurate, in other words you must not lose your way. the afternoon event requires that you follow another set course and average a set speed in this case 85 kms per hour. TTAG for quite a few years now have been taking out the major prizes.

Nikki has resigned from the position of secretary and Michael has taken over the position temporarily until the AGM we hope.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nikki for all her time and effort as secretary over the past few years.

Our next club ride will be the day after Haka practice at the Paeora huts.
Sunday 12th October meet at the Creek South end of Timaru 12 am. We will be riding to Duntroon Ho-tel, yes it is open and we are booked in for lunch between 1 and 1.30 pm.
Rally business is in hand thanks to Mokai, Midge Marsden will be playing on the Saturday night.
Jock is attempting to arranging a substantial lucky draw prize for us to give away, more on this later.


Any one who is interested in the MT Cook Rally and have enquired with Jock and haven’t heard back. Please give Jock a txt and he will ring you Jock 027 652 4664


Sword did a HARD ARSE run each year from Timaru to Hurunui (sunset Retreat Rally)on Fri
Next morning he went to the (OFF THE RAILS RALLY) at Middlemarch
Sun morn it was home to Timaru
I would like to do this run next year . Anybody want to do it as well?
I was thinking of getting a cloth badge made .


Hi to all club Members.

Just a update of my Racing which was on September 13th.

It was a bit of a Disappointing day it was forecasted to rain but was not concerned as I had a set of wets, I was really excited about getting out to race because I was sitting around the middle of the points table.

But anyway I got out to the track and had to change my wheels over in the pouring rain but was real sheltered from a great Gazebo, cheers Jim and Mary. So anyway got them changed and headed out on the track and somehow my Brakes created so much heat they jammed on and that was the story for the whole day, I cooked my brakes and put overheat spots all over my disks but found out later that 1 Disk was not Flash anyway.

So I thought I fixed the Problem but it done the same thing in the 2nd race and it was then i decided to pull the pin and pack up as it was safer than putting myself and others in danger with my brakes playing up.

I want to thank Jim and Mary, Nevin and Barry for coming out and supporting me, it means a lot guys. Also for Barry bringing out KFC and not even sharing it with me hahaha.

TTAG Motorcycles

So I will have the bike sorted for Greymouth and hoping it will be dry, that will be my next time out racing, so if you want to see some up close racing come over to Greymouth and see the Magpie screaming around the streets of Greymouth.

Thank you to all for the support and encouragement, and Dam proud to be TTAG member.

Yours Faithfully Ants # 19

Globe Trotter Rally 2014

Be there at 10.30 they said. I had to fuel up at the BP station, cos the beemer goes better on 98, and was pleased to see the Triumph club there. That means we will be in for some fun.. Yeah it will be a good one. Special shout out to ex member Grahame Corbett. Nice to see you as usual. I see you were first to register for our rally.

Down to the loop road, check in and check out who’s all here. One minute intervals and off we go. Bunched up a bit on first half, but all good. We worked as a team. Bit of a comparison and check at St Andrews before we sped on to lunch at Makikihihi Hotel.

Hmmmmm. Publican not used to a crowd. I only had chips, but $14 for a burger eh boss. Woo Hoo. On the road again. Smudge is soon up my arse. Saw a couple of members taking a detour. May have been Rowdy cos I’m sure I saw Max right behind.(more about this later).

On we went, beautiful ride, sometimes hard to keep to the C A S of 85km. I did do 160 km once to pass a couple of green ninja’s but anyway when we finally pulled into the destination Rowdy and Max were right in front. And Pressy right behind.

Some wussies brought out their caravans, and once mine was sorted, thanks for the door Rowdy, it was inside the hall, out of the cold for drinks. and then an excellent meal.

Thank you Maurice for the minutes silence for Sword. I found it very moving and it was most appreciated. Of course, had he been present there would have been no meatloaf left over for sure. But you made him present and thank you again for that.

Of course there was a prize giving and whilst trying to remain humble, I have to report that TTAG scooped the pool.

1st team:  TTAG
First overall: Kerry O”Rourke
2nd overall: Maxine Strachan

Interestingly enough Max was not in the team, she followed Rowdy.(see above) Team results: Smudge first, Mi-chael 4th, Rowdy 7th. Kms were the difference .Anyway, who cares…. we won.

Once again the BRONZ Club have excelled themselves with a great rally. In some was the way rally’s should be: Good riding. Good food, good company. But most of all….. good fun

Love you Sword,  Michael


  • 11th October Haka Practice Pareora Huts Malx and Alisons Hut 31 Pareora Reserve 1538 Pareora River Road Waimate
  • 12th October Club Ride Meeting at the creek midday destination Duntroon Hotel
  • 18th October Aoraki MT Cook Motorcycle Rally
  • 19th October TGHS Wheels Day 10am to 2pm Cain street Timaru
  • 26th October Greymouth Street Races
  • 31st October Mates Mayhem Rally
  • 6th November Committee meeting Wolsley Hotel Winchester 7.30pm
  • 21st 22nd 23rd November TTAG RALLY
  • 27th to 30th November Burt Munro Rally
  • 6th December Xmas Party
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